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Vitamin B 12 ( cyanocobalamin) Injection
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It is advised to consult your doctor before taking any vitamin injections we can provide a doctors order if needed
Vitamin B 12 benefits your body in many ways. One of its key functions is to help your body in the creation of red blood cells. These cells help carry oxygen to your vital organs, including your heart and brain. This oxygen is crucial in providing you the necessary energy to get through each day. B12 also helps with white cell production, which is vital to keeping your immune system strong, which in turn keeps you healthy.
Vitamin B 12 is properly maintaining your nervous system and helping to keep nerve cells healthy. This in turn keeps your brain functioning the way it should. B vitamins also assists in the production and regulation of DNA, which is present in every cell in your body. And since this nutrient is also a very strong antioxidant, it helps fight off free radicals which can lead to cancer. It is important that your body gets some vitamin B12 every day. It helps metabolize the food you eat so you can utilize it for energy. It does this by helping turn the carbohydrates in your food to glucose. When the glucose is released into your system, it gives you energy. Many people who struggle with fatigue and low energy often have a vitamin B 12 deficiency

Treatment is usually shots of vitamin B 12 in your arm or another muscle. Typically injections once a month will reduce mild symptoms of deficiency within a few days. You don't need to worry about getting too much vitamin B 12, because your body will pass extra vitamin B12 out in the urine. Most people feel better within days of beginning treatment. For more severe cases, an injection once a week may be necessary. It is recommended to take a floic acid supplement when taking B12 to aviod masking of other blood related issues.

You may feel a difference in as little as 12 hours. Some symptoms may disappear completely within a few days, some may take a few months or longer to completely clear up, especially white spots. On the other hand some symptoms, such as eye twitch or nerve shock may vanish completely but then try to emerge again when you body starts getting low of vitamin B 12.
Other Relevant Tests and Precautions:
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Who should not use vitamin B 12
Anyone allergic to colbalt.
Anyone with Leber's disease
Pregnant or nursing mothers
Side effects
Mild allergic reaction ie: headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, diarreha, fever, itching, rash, numbness or tingling, or pain and swelling of the injection site, If you develop one one of these reactions you should seek medical care.
Existing medication use
Vitamin B 12 could interfere with other medications. Notify your physcian if you are taking any of the following : Antibiotics - Methotrexate - Pyrimethamine - Colchicineor - Alcohol consumption within the past two weeks - Any othe medication you are on.
Positive Health Benefits
Folic Acid
 It is recommended to take a floic acid supplement when taking B12 to aviod masking of other blood related issues.
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